David Bode has over 15 years of experience composing and arranging music. He is fluent in both Sibelius and Dorico music notation software and has worked for a wide range of clients including award-winning film composers, singer-songwriters, and cover bands. For a quote, please use the contact page and the subject heading "Copyist".

Music Copyist and Engraver Rates

Score preparation
  • 1-4 staves: $12/page
  • 5-8 staves: $23/page
  • 9-12 staves: $32/page
  • Each additional line: $2/page
  • Keyboard, Master Rhythm: $35/page
  • Addition of orchestral cues: Hourly rate
Cleanup of existing Sibelius or Dorico score
  • Hourly Rate
Parts prep from existing score
  • $7/page or hourly rate
Transcriptions & Arrangements
  • Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate: $50