David Bode has over a decade of teaching experience. He has a studio of saxophone students and has taught music theory, music history, and jazz improvisation to individuals and groups. He has also led large ensembles including wind ensemble, orchestra, big band, and choir. Use the contact page to inquire about private lessons.


Each worksheet explores a single idea to practice. I am working on creating videos that will explain both the concept and different ways to practice the concept, and I will post them below as I finish them. Happy Practicing!

  • Functional Harmony - This worksheet shows triads and 7th chords in C major
  • Functional Harmony Minor - This worksheet shows triads and 7th chords in A natural minor
  • Functional Harmony Harmonic Minor - This worksheet shows triads and 7th chords in A harmonic minor
  • Scales in all Keys - This worksheet includes all the basic scales in all 12 keys
  • Mode Workout - This worksheet includes all modes from the keys of C
  • Scale Workout - This worksheet includes every possible scale that starts on C
  • Triad Workout - This worksheet explores different ways to practice triads. The exercise is written out for C major, but one should practice on all 48 triads.
  • Triad Pairs Workout - This worksheet includes triad pairs with C major, C minor, C diminished, and C augmented


Here are a few transcriptions I've done over the years. As I find more in old files, I will upload them as well.

Kenny Garrett - Organized Colors